Leadership that is empowering; living out of Ephesians 4: 11 – 16; truly seeing its role as equipping the saints for the work of ministry 

Community life – a church made up of holistic small groups that grow, evangelize, care and just ‘be’ together, living in the paradigm of interdependence

Inspirational worship which is radical and strives for excellence

Relevant evangelism, making long-term relationships with people who do not know God, reaching out to groups within the community; intentionally seeking to bring people to Jesus

Passionate and mission-shaped spirituality – building a community that understands the transforming power of mission

Gift orientated ministry - ministry that flows out of individual church  member’s Holy Spirit gifting. A gift-orientated approach which reflects the conviction that God sovereignly determines which ministries each person should assume

Simple, practical structures which serve the vision, goals and strategy of the church, rather than the church serving its structures

Authentic, loving relationships; a community demonstrating the love of Christ, both to one another and the world in which it is placed