What Matters to us


We’re Bible People-
We come to the Bible week by week as God’s word to us. We read it, teach it, and seek to live a life of faith and obedience based on it’s promises and direction.

We’re Jesus Gospel People-
We look for opportunities to share the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven with others. We believe that whilst we’re not all evangelists, we’ve all got a story of God’s amazing love and healing power.

We’re a Worshipping People-
Worship is a priority, not just singing songs, but opening ourselves up to the touch of God, engaging the whole of us, body mind emotions and spirit.

We’re Prayerful People-
We believe that “we have not because we ask not…”, That God longs to answers prayer and gives us opportunities to bring the needs requests and longings of the world to him. That he loves to hear His children pray, so we offer different times during the week to suit different schedules.

We’re Holy Spirit People-
We are reliant on God to release his fullness and His gifts. We long to grow in the Spirit Gifts and we believe God equips us on Sundays to share his life throughout the week.

We’re a kind of Ancient/Future People-
We love the long and deep traditions of the Anglican Church worldwide, but delight in the new thing God is doing in our day.

We’re a Welcoming Family-
We’re all about coming as you are, but letting God as our heavenly Father, have His way with us, to change restore and heal us more into His image.
We’re a connected People-
We meet in small groups during the week for Fellowship and Prayer, Ministry and giving to the Community.

We’re a Generous People-
We love to give of our treasure, our time, and our talents in a sacrificial way.

We’re a diverse people-
We delight to meet new people; all receive the warmest of welcomes at the Fountain, a church Family from different cultures, countries and backgrounds. From those on the margins of society, to those in the center.